Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exam Cram and Mall-ing

Time for exams at school! I've been cramming. A lot. I'm pretty sure I look something like this:

Fun times.

At least I'm not as bad off as some people, I actually pay attention in class.

In other news, I recently went shopping on a quest for makeup.

Now, I'm not usually a makeup person. It's considered a good day if I can be bothered to do something with my hair besides putting it in a ponytail, and chapstick is most of the experience I have with beauty products.

But I decided to give it a chance and look around, and went to Sephora. I didn't exactly have a good experience there, because the concealer I wanted was $40 to $50 for a tiny jar, and the cheapest lipstick was $20 per tube.

But I really felt I should buy something, because the salespeople actually paid attention to me, and tried to help me. The salespeople. In an expensive makeup store.

I think they're plotting something.

Anyway, I lied and told them I'd come back later. Whenever I go to the mall now, I will have to avoid the area by about a 50-foot radius. Which is what I do to the people at kiosks anyway, because they always try to pressure you into buying something.

Kiosk salespersons are dangerous in their natural habitat. The trick is to get close enough to look, but it can be dangerous if they spot you.

Run away in a Z pattern. They can do quick sprints, but will soon tire and return to their nest, in waiting for their next prey.