Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[This post was removed by SOPA]

Seems SOPA and PIPA are doing some stuff, and stuff is happening and stuff.

I honestly don't want to explain the whole thing, and a bunch of other sites and blogs could probably do it a lot better than I could.

What I can do is ask you to sign Google's anti-SOPA and -PIPA petition.

I and 4.5 million other people have signed it already, but unfortunately it takes more than almost 5 million to convince just a few people in the White House.

(There's also an option for people from other countries to sign as well.)

End piracy, not liberty.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Other Things I'm Doing

So, I've been pretty busy lately- I've started a lot of stuff that will keep me busy.

For people who are both anime fans and hipsters, I run a blog that features obscure anime, manga, manhwa, and games.

For Silent Hill fans, I run an ask Angela Orosco blog, where you can ask the "character" questions and I'll answer with a little drawing.

So that's basically why I don't post much. It's totally not because I'm lazy

Check them out if you're interested!