Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting 2: The RedBull Duo

I went a-babysittin' and it was not pretty. It's not that they were bad kids, it's just that 2 boys, aged four and six, have approximately enough energy to power a small city for several weeks, and will not want to go to bed.

It took me around half an hour to get them to change into their pajamas and get in their beds, then....

Kid #1: I can't find my blue bear!
Me: *runs down 2 flights of stairs, grabs blue bear, runs back up*
Kid #2: I need mine too! It's a white bear.
Me: *runs down 2 flights of stairs, grabs white bear, runs back up*
Kid #2: That's not it.
Me: *runs down 2 flights of stairs, grabs every white stuffed animal I can find, runs back up*
Kid #2: That's it! *points to white stuffed animal which I swear was supposed to be some kind of cat*

THEN I could go down and sit on the couch, get my homework done, and get some rest. That day I had been recovering from a cold, we had had to swim laps in gym class, AND I hadn't had the chance to eat much that day. Geez.

Kid #1: I need a drink of water!
Me: *asleep*

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hipster? What?

I don't really get the whole hipster culture. I could be wrong, but the whole thing seems a little...pretentious. From what I can tell, they listen to music you've never heard of, and then look down on you for not knowing about them. Umm...I listen to music that nobody recognizes, but this is something along the lines of what usually happens:

Only the internet understands me.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Apology and going down south (may include braces)

I feel like I should post more....

I have plans for posts, I swear! I am just honestly extremely busy. (None of it involves watching anime and reading comics late into the night! What, don't you believe me?!)


Well...I'm going to visit my dad in Georgia tomorrow. That's new.

But I'll get a little depressed, because he always keeps a ton of awesome food in the house when my sisters and I come to visit, and now I won't be able to eat any because I just got braces....

It really hurts to chew when you just get braces, and eating with braces in general is not a pretty sight, because you have a ton of new stuff in your mouth and can't move your lips the right way.