Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to be a hipster

Step 1. Wear only clothes from American Apparel or the thrift store, if ironic enough.



Step 2. Only listen to music no one's ever heard of
Acting like a snob about it is also a requirement.

Step 3. Have a general air of disdain for fellow man.
You're not a good hipster if you don't act aloof and impatient with everyone you meet.

Step 4. Have a blog.
Doesn't matter what it's about, or if anyone reads it, just have one. Also use ellipses frequently....
To be truly underground, follow this blog. It's so obscure, no one even reads it!

 *Ahem* Yes, well.

I also rather like this video.

One last thing to remember: finishing blog posts is SO mainstr

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