Sunday, March 20, 2011

Geekery and birthdays

There was a small anime convention today, which my sister and I went to. Wasn't that big or great, but I got some frackin' awesome stuff!

My favorites by far were the Konata and L plushies. I squee'd muchlies.

I also got a Suzumiya Haruhi keychain, pretty great :D

I also found a new soda called Ramune, and IT IS AMAZING. I also had a bag of cotton candy, so at the moment my blood is at least 80% caffeine.

I feel fine! I feel great! Everything is purple now!


It just sucks that I couldn't go there in cosplay, the only thing stopping me is the small fact that I don't exactly have any of it yet.

I'm getting the wig and outfit for my birthday, and I can easily find some shoes and socks to go with it.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is soon! The 25th. Mark your calendars.


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