Friday, October 29, 2010

School dances: pros and cons

Last night, there was a Halloween dance at my school. I don't know why it was on a Thursday instead of a Friday, but I've stopped asking questions at this point. So instead of ranting about how it went, I'm going to list the pros and cons of school dances in general.

Pro: Get up to date on popular music

I stopped listening to the radio after *shudder* Justin Beiber, because that was the day I lost all faith in pop music. Not that I had much to begin with. This being the case, I don't know a lot of the popular songs right now. So I did get to hear lots of songs...that I now kinda wished I hadn't. Which brings me to:

Con: All of it sucks

It all started sounding the same after a few minutes. To be honest, I think that the music itself is usually good-catchy beats, good for dancing to...except for some awkward moments in songs where it suddenly gets quiet and slow, and everyone just has to stand around looking like an idiot until it goes back.

...But anyway, it's not generally the music I have a problem with. It's the god-awful lyrics. One example: Ke$ha's hit "Tik Tok." I'm not even going near that std-infested wasteland.

Pro: Dress in costumes (if it's a Halloween dance)

Having an over the top costume is a heck-load of fun, and Halloween is the one day you can get away with it, except maybe at DragonCon. If you do it on any other day, you will get some weird looks. Please don't ask how I know this.

Con: "Slut" is not a costume

....Except maybe if you're dressing as Snooki?

Anyway, I'm not saying that you shouldn't look sexy. Just have some class, please?

If you must dress like that, at least make it original. I counted about 30 playboy bunnies, 19 cowgirls, 3 maids, and 5 firefighters. What I'd really like to see is a sexy Elmo.

Oh, wait. Forgot about this.

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